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Welcome to the Stories of Discovery

From enhancing self-management to helping seniors receive continuity of care, learn how nursing research is paving the way to improve patient outcomes.


Tool Helps Children Cope with Painful Procedures

‘Distraction in Action’ tool developed by a nurse scientist identifies a child’s risk for distress and provides guidance on how to reduce that distress.

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Musical Motivation for Wellness While Living with HIV

Nurse scientists designed a music-enhanced self-management program to help people living with HIV stay healthy.

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Changing Patient Outcomes and the Practice of Hospice Care

An end-of-life and palliative care scientist outlines growing national disparities in quality hospice care.

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Self-Management of Asthma

Nursing research has helped children and adolescents manage their asthma and reduce emergency department visits.

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Small Business Success, Lowered Healthcare Costs

 A nurse scientist turned an evidence-based technology into a small business with benefits for patients, clinicians, and hospitals.

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Technology and Training: An App for Self-Management

Nurse scientist training and technology research led to an app that improves patient self-management for lung transplant recipients.

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