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The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) leads nursing research to solve pressing health challenges and inform practice and policy – optimizing health and advancing health equity into the future.

Small Business Program 2021

NINR prioritizes research framed through five lenses

NINR identified five complementary and synergistic research lenses that best leverage the strengths of nursing research and promote multilevel approaches, cross-disciplinary and -sectoral collaboration, and community engagement in research. The research lenses are: 

  • Health Equity
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Population and Community Health
  • Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Systems and Models of Care

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Impact of NINR Research

NINR-supported researchers explore and address some of the most important challenges affecting the health of the American people.

Get Involved

It’s our unique perspective that forms the foundation of nursing research and what we do at NINR, and makes our scientific discipline so well positioned to lead through innovations and discoveries that span multiple levels and across sectors to optimize health for all. Join us!

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Research Funding Opportunities

NINR offers grants to individuals at all points in their career, from early investigators to established scientists. NINR grants also support small businesses and research centers.

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Training Funding Opportunities

View training mechanisms supported by NINR.

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Job Opportunities

View current NINR job openings. 

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