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Medication adherence key to reducing heart failure symptoms and cardiac events in heart failure

Pharmacist with elderly customer

Researchers analyzed data from over 200 individuals with heart failure to better understand the relationship between heart failure symptoms, medication adherence, and cardiac event-free survival. The researchers assessed the frequency of heart failure symptoms, such as difficulty breathing (dyspnea) and ankle swelling in the past three months, and cardiac events (involving hospitalization and cardiac death). The study found that many heart failure patients were non-compliant with their medications, which was significantly associated with increased heart failure symptoms. Medication adherence was found to mediate the relationship between heart failure symptoms and cardiac event-free survival in heart failure. These findings highlight the importance of medication adherence in heart failure. 

Wu JR, Moser DK. Medication Adherence Mediates the Relationship Between Heart Failure Symptoms and Cardiac Event-Free Survival in Patients With Heart Failure. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2018 Jan/Feb;33(1):40-46. PMID: 28591004

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