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Institutional Training Programs (T32)

The NINR T32 Award Program enables institutions with schools of nursing to make NRSA awards to individuals for pre doctoral and postdoctoral research training in acute and chronic illness across the life span, focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, health disparities, HIV/ AIDS, aging, caregiving, management of symptoms, self-management, and care at the end of life.  Standard NRSA stipend and budgetary levels  apply, including up to $800 annually for travel costs for each trainee.

NINR seeks to extend nursing science by integrating the biological and behavioral sciences, applying new technologies (including nanotechnology) to nursing research questions, exploring genetics and genomics applications in nursing research, improving the quality and effectiveness of interventions, and developing nursing research investigators. To provide pre- and post-doctoral research training to nurse scientists to broaden their scientific backgrounds and extend their potential for research. In so doing, the NINR is helping to address the critical shortage of nursing faculty, which both contributes to, and is affected by, the increasing gap between the supply and demand for nurses in the workforce. 

Innovative scientific programs that are interdisciplinary are especially encouraged.

Applications from institutions which implement strategies for identifying and recruiting students who have already completed a Bachelor's Degree in a field other than nursing; students who are from an under-represented group; or students who are currently BSN-Ph.D. students are particularly encouraged. In addition, applications that include provisions for the early identification and recruitment of undergraduate students who have the potential to become successful BSN-PH.D. Fast Track students are particularly encouraged.

Applicants are encouraged to review NINR's Mission and Strategic Plan for additional information on the Institute's research and training goals. NINR does require applicants requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs for any year to contact staff to obtain agreement that the IC will accept the application.  NINR requests that all applications use July 1 as the project start date.

NINR does not allow short-term training in the T32 program.

NINR will not accept T32 applications from DNP programs.

NINR Application Submission Dates: May 25

Currently Funded Institutional Training Programs (T32)

Grant Number Principal Investigator Title Institution

5 T32 NR007104-20

Aiken, Linda H. Advanced Training in Nursing Outcomes Research University of Pennsylvania
5 T32 NR012704-08 Allen, Jerilyn K. Interdisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Health Research Johns Hopkins University
5 T32 NR015426-03 Armer, Jane M. Interdisciplinary Research Training in Health Behavior Science University Of Missouri-Columbia
5 T32 NR007969-17 Bakken, Suzanne Reducing Health Disparities Through Informatics Columbia University Health Sciences
5 T32 NR009759-13 Conley, Yvette Targeted Research and Academic Training of Nurses in Genomics University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
5 T32 NR014213-05 Daly, Barbara Symptom Management and Palliative Care Research in Adults with Advanced Disease Case Western Reserve University
5 T32 NR008857-12 De Vito Dabbs, Annette J. Technology: Research in Chronic and Critical Illness University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
2 T32 NR012715-06A1 Dunbar, Sandra B. (Contact); Song, Mi-Kyung Training in Interventions to Improve Outcomes in Chronic Conditions Emory University
2 T32 NR013456-06    
Ellington, Lee A (Contact); Mooney, Kathleen H Interdisciplinary Training in Cancer, Caregiving and End-of-Life Care  University of Utah
5 T32 NR008346-15
Grey, Margaret Research Training: Self and Family Management Yale University
T32NR018407-01 Miller, Wendy Renee; Rawl, Susan Advanced Training In Self-Management Interventions in Serious Chronic Conditions Indiana University
5  T32  NR016913-02 Heitkemper, Margaret Mclean (Contact); Thompson, Hilaire J. Omics and Symptom Science Training Program University Of Washington
5 T32 NR011147-08 Herr, Keela A (contact); McCarthy, Ann Marie Pain and Associated Symptoms: Nurse Research Training University of Iowa
5 T32 NR007100-20 Medoff-Cooper, Barbara S. Research on Vulnerable Women, Children and Families University of Pennsylvania

5 T32 NR015433-04

Moore, Shirley M.

Multiple Chronic Conditions Interdisciplinary Nurse Scientist Training

Case Western Reserve University

5 T32 NR009356-10

Naylor, Mary D. (contact); Bowles, Kathryn Helene Individualized Care for at Risk Older Adults University of Pennsylvania
5 T32 NR014225-05 Pickler, Ritah H (contact); Melynk, Bernadette M. Optimizing Health in Childhood: Interdisciplanary Training in Health Development Ohio State University
5 T32NR007091-23 Santacroce, Sheila Judge (Contact); Leeman, Jennifer Interventions for Preventing & Managing Chronic Illness University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
4 T32 NR014205-06 Stone, Patricia W. Comparative and Cost-Effectiveness Research Training for Nurse Scientists Columbia University Health Sciences
5 T32    NR016914-02
Titler, Marita G
Complexity: Innovations in Promoting Health and Safety (CIPHS) University Of Michigan at Ann Arbor
5 T32 NR014833-05 Thompson, Hilaire J. Aging and Informatics Training Program University of Washington
5  T32  NR016920-02 Weiss, Sandra Jean (Contact); Miaskowski, Christine A
Biobehavioral Research Training in Symptom Science University Of California, San Francisco

Program Contact for T32 Applications:

Dr. David Banks
Program Director, Office of Extramural Activities
6701 Democracy Blvd., Suite 710
One Democracy Plaza
Bethesda, MD 20892-4870
Telephone: (301) 496-9558
Fax: (301) 480-8260

Please visit the T32 Grant Application page if you are applying for a new, resubmission, or renewal T32 grant.