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Office of Extramural Programs

The Office of Extramural Programs manages the funding activities of NINR that occur outside of NIH, in research institutions across the country and internationally. A major program priority is the integration of biological and behavioral research. Three dimensions - promoting health and preventing disease, managing the symptoms and disability of illness, and improving the environments in which care is delivered - cut across NINR's science areas.

Program Directors within OEP serve as a contact between NINR and the extramural research community, serve as a resource for applicants and investigators, and monitor research progress.

Introductory Information
An introduction to NINR grant mechanisms and a welcome letter for new grantees.

Areas of Science/Program Contacts
Contact information and research portfolios for OEP scientists.

Grant Programs Supported By NINR 
Codes, descriptions, award amounts, and resources for NINR grants.

Funding Opportunities
Browse active funding opportunities and read about the latest policies and guidelines.

NINR FY2019 Funding Guidelines
NINR has developed funding principles consistent with the overall NIH goals, considering the funds provided this fiscal year.

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