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Training Flyer

Training Grants Supported by NINR

This flyer provides a summary of the training mechanisms supported by NINR.

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GPP Flyer

Graduate Partnerships Program for Graduate Nursing Students

The NINR Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) in Biobehavioral Research offers up to five years of support for nursing students who are interested in entering or currently enrolled in a PhD program.

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SGI Flyer

Summer Genetics Institute at the NIH

The Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) is a one-month intensive research training program at the NIH. The SGI provides a foundation in molecular genetics for use in research and clinical practice.

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Bootcamp Flyer

Precision Health: Smart Technologies, Smart Health Boot Camp

NINR’s Boot Camp is a one-week, intensive research training course that addresses digital health data and technologies that enable "smart health" and improved patient outcomes.

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