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NINR Launches Midcareer Grantsmanship Videos

August 22, 2016

NINR has released a new series of videos titled "Building and Sustaining a Scholarly Career." The videos provide an overview of opportunities and dilemmas often encountered by midcareer scientists as they work to develop a sponsored project into a successful and sustained program of research (POR). Senior and midcareer scientists and an NINR program officer discuss significant guideposts, useful strategies, and lessons learned.

The videos delve into establishing and sustaining a successful POR, delineating useful strategies to develop a career trajectory and maintain a POR in a demanding academic environment, and identifying approaches to challenges that deter POR success.

As part of the commemoration of NINR's 30th anniversary year, senior nurse scientists and NINR staff held a series of workshops for midcareer scientists at each of the regional Nursing Research Society annual conferences. The "Building and Sustaining a Scholarly Career" videos distill the main points of these sessions and are available at

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