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Promoting Innovation: Technology to Improve Health


genetics graphInnovative technologies play a critical role in advancing health care, and nursing science can provide the foundation for developing novel, culturally sensitive interventions that deliver personalized care and real-time health information to patients, families, clinicians, and communities. On June 2, 2014, NINR convened a workshop of experts in the field of technology. These experts were asked to propose and discuss a series of research questions that could point the way forward for nursing science in technology research and inform future NINR efforts in this area.

Innovative Questions in Technology

5-1 - How can technologies be used to analyze intervention components (i.e. determine what works for which populations under what conditions) and increase treatment fidelity?

5-2 - What are the fundamental approaches, metrics, and system infrastructures needed to design technologies that are acceptable to diverse populations and integrate the ideas of clinicians and technical developers (e.g. engineers and designers)?

5-3 - How can emerging technologies be used to explain and predict patient trajectories, inform interventions and support real time clinical decision making?

5-4 - What are the mechanisms by which innovative technologies (such as robots, avatars, and games) can be used to facilitate behavior change and decrease the burden of illness?

5-5 - What are the essential principles, characteristics or features of existing and yet to emerge technologies that facilitate effective long-term management of chronic illness, reduce health disparities, and improve health outcomes?

5-6 -In what ways can patient and community voices and the cultural context inform the design/selection/deployment of technologies to improve health outcomes?

5-7 - How can information technology be used to promote health behavior change and reduce disease risk by engaging different individuals (e.g. extended family, lay coaches, teachers) to reinforce health care provider messages?

5-8 - How can mHealth technologies that provide personalized physiological feedback (e.g. seizure management, heart rhythm)  be integrated with clinical systems to promote positive health outcomes?

5-9 - How can technologies be used to slow the progression of chronic illnesses/conditions across the lifespan?

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