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A Message from Dr. Grady

August 1, 2018

Dear colleagues:

I am writing to let you know that I plan to leave NINR and NIH at the end of the summer. Although I am excited about doing new things, I will miss all of you and the things we have been able to accomplish together.

It has been an honor to serve as the Director of the National Institute of Nursing Research since 1995. I became the Director when NINR was a fledgling organization, having been an Institute for a little over a year. The position presented opportunities to build upon that foundation. I was asked to synthesize for the NINR my scientific experience as an extramurally funded neuroscientist, my early nursing background, and my NIH experience as a program director for stroke and brain imaging as well as Deputy and Acting Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

You have shared this adventure with me over the years, and together we have accomplished a great deal.

The research advances made by the scientific community have become mainstream and are being translated into practice and policy. We have a talented and productive staff whose expertise is widely sought. We have more than tripled our budget. The Summer Genetics Institute (SGI) has matured from a controversial idea to an accepted staple, and the SGI graduates have become leaders in the field. We have created boot camps to help the scientific community remain up to date on the newest measurement approaches and technologies. We have a robust intramural research program (IRP) with stellar scientists who are bringing acclaim to NIH because of their research. The IRP supports strong training programs and serves as a national resource.

I look forward to seeing you in the future and to watching the continued growth of nursing science and NINR. You have my everlasting gratitude for your intellectual and creative efforts, and for the blood, sweat, and tears you have expended on behalf of the Institute during a sometimes-uphill battle to make our mark against the backdrop of Institutes larger and more established than ours.

NINR is an Institute established by Congress in response to the collective wisdom of a dedicated field. Its survival has always depended on your strong support for nursing science. After 30 years, the Institute is strong, but still rests on your shoulders. I am confident that the Institute will be well served in the years to come by the collective wisdom of the established scientists, the emerging generation of new researchers, the policy gurus, and our outstanding educators and administrators.

This has been an amazing and fulfilling experience. I am grateful to each of you for the support and collegiality you have shown me over the years.


Patricia A. Grady, PhD
National Institute of Nursing Research
National Institutes of Health

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